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Three cards for all occasions

Exxelentcard is a giftcard where the recipient choose their gift from a wide range of different products.

First, design your card here on the website with a front, greeting, logo and select 8 products. You need a minimum order of 10 cards. If you want a lower quantity, you can choose any of our standard cards that are pre-printed. The card is sent to you together with an attractive envelope. Delivery time is about 2 weeks.

A unique website is created with the company logo and a greeting which will be seen by the recipient when the card is redeemed here at Exxelentcard.com.

The recipient of the giftcard can either select one of the eight products on the card or log in and gain access to the full range of around 30-40 products.

The gift is delivered to the recipient's delivery point and the recipient is notified via SMS.


Exxelentcard is available in three varieties: Brown, Green and Orange. See the current range below.

Exxelentcard can be delivered to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Perfect if you have clients or staff in several countries. Contact your dealer for more information.

We are confident that anyone who gets a Exxelentcard will be satisfied with the gift chosen.

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